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I have worked with Chris Montagner for over 10 years. Chris first started working for me as a tree planter. He instantly stood out as one of our very top performers.  Chris excelled at the job with incomparable drive and work ethic. I acknowledged his leadership in performance and quickly promoted him to becoming a crew leader.  In this role he also excelled as he has a natural affinity as a teacher and motivator.  He took new and young workers and turned them into high performance employees with excellent quality results.  Chris took initiative and took his time-tested methods of training employees into a written manual of sorts to share with the greater workforce.  There have been generations of our employees and workers throughout the industry who have used his planting guide book (Plant-Fu) to come out and become excellent workers.

Our industry has a unique pay system that rewards hard work.  It is a piece rate payment program that allows the hardest workers with the best work ethic and determination to earn the most. Chris has always been in the top echelon of income earners with us, and has created legions of planters who quickly rose to top earning potentials.

Chris and I share another work industry in Mountain Pine Beetle control. While I have done this for two decades and found my role as a quality inspector on behalf of the BC and Alberta regulating government departments, Chris took the more challenging path and became a professional production faller.  In 20 years, I have worked with, and been witness to many fallers, and in this field Chris also excelled.  His mental and physical strength and perseverance allowed him to become an extremely successful faller.

I have had the great pleasure of also developing a great and personal relationship with Chris throughout the many years we have worked together.  I am proud to call Chris a friend and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him become a loving loyal father in the last few years.  As his partner and daughter can attest to, he is truly a wonderfully engaged father who works tirelessly to provide for and spend time with.  I have the utmost respect for Chris and will always consider him a friend.  He will always have a special spot within our company if he ever needs it.

Ryan Zapisocki  

Operations and Projects Manager, Windfirm Resources LTD

It is with much enthusiasm and trust that I highly recommend Chris Montagner who was my foreman and mentor for 3 consecutive tree planting seasons.
Montag, as I call him, was my first foreman. He didn't want a tree planting rookie the year he took me in, in 2014, just veterans. After reading my cover letter he gave in. I luckily expressed enough motivation for him to hire me. He liked motivation, although he preferred discipline. "Motivation leaves, you can't trust it, but discipline stays," He told me. 
Montag is disciplined. He made foremaning look like so much work, but also easy. He'd stay up late preparing our blocks for our days to be perfect, and they were always as near to that as they could be. He hardly took a day off in order to tree plant himself or again, prepare everything for his crew. He would always do everything for his crew to make as much money as they could. He would do the same for anyone, especially for his own company. Make sure his employees and employers are happy, have what they need to work as hard as they can, make the money they want to make, and constantly think about tomorrow. I could never complain with Montag, I mean I complained every day but not about him. He was good. In every sense of that word. He wasn't just good, he wanted to BE good. And he was. We never missed trees. He was professional, respectful and motivating. Disciplined; I kept telling myself tree planting taught me discipline. But no, Montag did. 
One day my second season he gave me good land, 4000 trees, and told me this was the day. And it was. I was one of his prodigies. And where I'm at now I still consider myself his prodigy. As a foreman myself now, there's no way I can be a slacker, nor dismiss important responsibilities or tell myself "I'll do that tomorrow". Montag is better than that, therefore, so am I. He was an amazing foreman, and I need to be that amazing too, every day, because he proved to me  it's possible. 
His work ethic impacted me in the best of ways, where my life now is quite exactly where I want it to be. His love and passion for forestry became mine as well. There's no way to not be inspired by him to work hard and be the best you can be. 
Because of his strong work ethic, his discipline for constant production, and his impact in the forest industry, I highly recommend either working for, or having Montag as part of your team.

Tanya Langlois-Clarke

I have known Chris since late 2010 when he first arrived in Scotland to do a tree planting season with Eric Boyd Forestry Ltd. He had in his planting team a multitude of nationalities, many that he had trained up in Canada to a high standard of workmanship. The team with Chris at the helm was always punctual and trustworthy with all the contracts that they were on completed on time and to a high standard.

The following planting season Chris once again delivered everything that was asked of him and more, unfortunately with the way the visa system works he was only able to complete two planting seasons in Scotland.  I am in no doubt that if Eric Boyd Forestry had been in the position to have Chris work directly for us in Scotland he would have been a major asset to my company.  Even now years on he still recommends planters that he feels are of sufficient standard to contract for us in Scotland.

With his experience from a great number of years in the planting sector, and from the time that I have known him personally I would have no worries about his abilities to run and own his own company.

If you require any more information please get in touch.

Yours Truly

Eric Boyd

35 William Street




PA23 7JH

Phone: 01369 703316

Mobile: 07788 923820



Eric Boyd, Eric Boyd Forestry LTD

Chris Montagner was my foreman at Windfirm Resources for 4 seasons. Over those years he taught me many of the skills that made me a successful foreman myself. Whether it be land management, stock handling, dealing with problem employees or just over all good work ethic I can honestly say I learnt most of it from Chris and owe a lot of my success to him.

Yours Truly

Nicholas Van Ryn

I had the privilege of working with Chris Montagner seasonally for over a decade ending in 2019.
 I admired his passion for planting trees and his dedication to furthering his knowledge and abilities every single day. 
Chris knew how to plant the most trees, with the best quality, and was passionate about sharing his knowledge with anyone who wanted to break out in the industry.
 His experience on the coast and internationally brought valuable insights for me from outside the narrow perspective of forestry in the Bulkley Valley. 
As a supervisor for Windfirm Resources Ltd I used his article Plant-FU as a training guide for our new tree planters and consulted Chris when it came to matters of increasing quality and skill in my camp. 
He was invaluable to our success bringing customers the balance of quality work for a competitive price. 

Supervisor Windfirm Resources Ltd. 2019

Kyle Snarr

Chris Montagner has been my friend and colleague for almost 10 years. 

We worked side by side in reforestation in Scotland for multiple years, in which I got to know the professionalism and dedication of his work. 
He was an important team member to keep everyone around him motivated and lead by example. 
Chris would remotely prepare and set up work for people from different countries and help enabling an efficient outcome for everyone involved. 
He completed all of his work with passion, insight and warmth. It was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to any future endeavours to do so again.

I highly recommend Chris Montagner. Should you wish to discuss my recommendation further, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Yours truly, 

Sarah Dilley
Operations Manager 

Sarah Dilley, Outland Resources PTY LTD

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