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Momentum Forest Services

A new company, with familiar faces.

Family owned and operated.

Over a decade of working in the Bulkley Lakes and Nechako.

Safe.  Experienced.  Professional.

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Our Story

We are Chris, and Nicky.  Husband and Wife team with close to 2 decades each in the industry, millions of trees in the ground, Many years spent running and managing crews, working virtually every aspect of the the forestry industry. 

We decided to strike it out on our own.

 With a dream of keeping it small, local, and professional.

Providing only the highest quality of service with a select team of trained and experienced professionals, delivering the finest quality product available, at a fair and competitive price.

BC Forest Safety Council SAFE Certified, 

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Our Services


Tree Planting

 First starting in 2004 we have since planted millions of trees, as well as managed and trained dozens of planters in cut blocks stretching all across Canada, internationally, coastally, and  in every corner of British Columbia. 

Concentrating in the Bulkley Lakes and Nechako, we have planted trees for every industry from Logging, to Oil field and Mining Reclamation, even Landscaping.

  If you need a tree planted. We know what to do.

Forest Services

Beetle Survey and Control
Forest Appraisal and Engineering
Tree and Landscaping Services
...and much much more.


Training and Consultation

Over the years we have built a bank of experiences and developed and adapted systems of efficiency and safety that have been adopted and utilized industry wide.  With a true passion for helping the fellow worker, one such document "Plant Fu" has been provided free throughout the industry, used updated and distributed internationally as a training guide amongst tree planters since 2008. 
This guide and others have always been and will remain free, and can be reached by clicking below. However our personal consultation, one on one training and more detailed systems education and management are available for hire.

Specialty Products

Each industry has it's specific products and tools. Ours is no exception. 
There are certain products we come across within our own industry whose quality and functionality far surpasses that of it's peers. 
We have chosen a select few of these  products to either simply promote, or when possible, Provide.

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